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Program Launch via Targeted Education, Outreach & Activation


Through this program, Blue Cross’ objective was to reach the newer, Spanish‐speaking immigrant audience to raise awareness on the importance of health insurance and highlight affordable health coverage options available to them.


BP3’s solution was to recommend a partnership with Mexican Consulates throughout the state.  This avenue would reach the desired population via an “organization” with which they were comfortable – and relied on for information on issues of this nature. Next, we built awareness around the launch of a program to accept the Mexican Consulate’s identification card (Matrícula Consular) as a valid form of ID, with which to purchase health insurance.

Our work in this project was focused on helping to develop/negotiate these partnerships, find additional partners to assist in the launch, creBlue Cross Matricula Council 1.jpgate/implement launch events that would draw attention via the media and throughout target communities, and help to Blue Cross Matrícula Council build ongoing programs in order to maintain their presence (Ventana de Salud). To take this message across the state we began by holding four separate press conferences at Mexican Consulates across the state – Los Angeles (first press event), Fresno, Sacramento and San Diego. While we wanted to begin this effort with local coverage at each event, we also wanted to continue to drive this message globally and continually educate the target, local markets. Each press event was held approximately one to two months apart to allow for enough time to allow us to pitch each event to statewide, local and national press.

Part of our goal was to establish Blue Cross as an onsite partner at the various Mexican Consulates and a routine, trusted source of health care information in the local communities.


Blue Cross gained a solid footing in the Spanish-speaking immigrant community through the aforementioned efforts, ultimately increasing sales and overall awareness within this target market.

Our plan worked in helping garner strong local, regional and national press.  Additionally, it succeeded in establishing Blue Cross as a credible, trusted source for health insurance and health information. In some instances, there were media outlets (including CNN Español and Univision national) that covered this issue multiple times.

We garnered print media coverage in more than thirty-five publications reaching more than twelve million consumers statewide. There were more than 25 television and radio hits that positively broadcasted the announcement across the state and nationally. Notable media outlets covering these media events and stories included the following:

  • Associated Press
  • Los Angeles Times
  • La Opinion
  • LA Daily News
  • Monterey County Herald
  • Napa Register
  • Nuevo Mundo
  • Sacramento Bee
  • San Francisco Examiner
  • San Jose Business Journal
  • San Jose Mercury News
  • San Diego Union Tribune
  • Azteca Media
  • CNN Espanol
  • Telemundo (multiple affiliates)
  • Univisión (multiple affiliates throughout California and nationally)
  • Radio Unica
  • Radio Bilingue