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Generating Awareness: Latino Media Outreach

This project presented several challenges including a very limited timeframe (three weeks) for develop messaging that would resonate with the community, the fact that these were new events to be held on César Chavez Day and competition with other César Chavez-related events. Fortunately, BP3 was able to tap into our statewide Latino media and opinion leader relationships to deliver our messages and maximize on coverage.


Encourage volunteerism while honoring the legacy and values of César Chavez during the occasion of César Chavez Annual Day of Service and Learning, garnering as much pre-press media to promote ten playgrounds being built throughout the state.


We focused media outreach efforts very heavily on the community—pitching the media on the kids who participated in the actual design of the parks, as well as families that were interested in volunteering.  We also placed emphasis on the volunteer coordinators who were interested in increasing volunteer participation at each site.  BP3.  also focused media outreach on the First Lady’s involvement in the projects, and was aggressive in efforts to drive viewers/readers/listeners to the California Volunteers website and toll free number for volunteer opportunities. This media relations outreach primarily targeted Latino media outlets in California, including television, print, and radio, in the areas where the parks were being built:  Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Santa Ana, Riverside County, San Diego, Oakland, Modesto, Watsonville, Palm Desert, and Eureka.


BP3 secured pre-coverage from various outlets, including television, radio, and print, prior to both event days (March 19 and March 29) to drive the public to participate in the playground builds.  On both event days, we secured coverage with various Latino outlets in the mentioned regions.  Additionally, this coverage helped increased awareness of the California Volunteers activities beyond the César Chavez Annual Day of Service and Learning.


  • Univisión (Monterey): Package for 6pm newscast, March 11, 2008
  • Telemundo (Los Angeles) Live On-Set interview: “Telemundo 52,” March 17, 2008telemundo.gif
  • Univisión (Los Angeles) Live: “A Primera Hora,” park location on March 18, 2008
  • Azteca America (San Diego): Taped March 28, 2008
  • Univisión (Sacramento): Live morning newscast “A Primera Hora,” March 28, 2008
  • Univisión (Monterey): Report for the 6pm and 11pm newscast, March 28, 2008


  • Univisión Radio (San Diego): Taped interview (aired March 15, 2008)
  • Radio Campesina (statewide): Live one-hour show “Punto de Vista,” March 18, 2008


  • La Opinión (L.A.) article: “Parques en Honor a César Chávez”, March 18, 2008el-latino-de-san-diego.gif
  • La Prensa de San Diego: “Volunteers Follow Chavez’s Footsteps, Build Playgrounds,” March 28, 2008
  • El Latino de San Diego, March 25, 2008

Event Day Press:


  • Telemundo (Los Angeles) newscast report: noon, 6pm, 11pmUnivision.gif
  • Univisión (Los Angeles) newscast report: noon, 6pm, 11pm
  • Azteca America (Los Angeles) newscast report: 6pm, 11pm
  • Univisión (Sacramento) newscast report for Modesto Park: 6pm, 11pm
  • Univisión (San Francisco) newscast report for Oakland Park: 6pm, 11pm
  • Univisión (San Diego) newscast report for S.D. Park: 6pm, 11pm


  • La Opinión: “Parques para honrar al líder César Chávez”, Ivan Mejia
  • Hoy: “Dan Vida a Parque en Honor a César Chávez”, Andrea Carriónla-opinion-logo.jpg
  • EFE: “Se Construyen 10 Parques en Honor a César Chávez”, Luis Uribe
  • Vida en el Valle (Modesto): Report published on April 2, 2008​