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State Outreach & Awareness Campaign: Healthy Families & Medi-Cal


Increase visibility and enrollment in the Central Valley for Health Net’s State Programs: Healthy Families and Medi-Cal.


BP3 determined that the best way to achieve the aforementioned objective was to reach directly into the community.  To do this, we created a team of health care partners including individual providers, medical groups and clinics, as well as school districts, community organizations and faith-based groups to join us in promoting health care and access issues to low-income populations.

Using recent legislation passed requiring all children to have a dental checkup by May 31 of their first year in public school, BP3 worked with school districts and community organizations in the Healthnet img_0763.jpgtargeted dental coverage areas to promote Health Net Dental in addition to their other state health programs.  Through these partnerships we were able to offer a series of free dental screening days for children in key markets across the Central Valley from ages 0-8.

BP3 also helped  coordinate and promote Health Net & Legends Fitness Challenge basketball and fitness camps, aimed at addressing the obesity epidemic among Sacramento’s low-income and underserved youth in grades 3rd thru 8th.  Four core partners – Health Net of California, Sacramento Kings, The Legends: Kids First and There Are No Limits – joined together to create a series of four, 3-day fitness and basketball camps to promote the benefits of exercise and eating healthy.


Through BP3’s efforts, Health Net built and strengthened brand awareness and community partnerships in identified key sales markets.  Our dental screenings and other events provided Health Net’s sales force with a supply of ongoing leads for people eligible for state-sponsored programs like Healthy Families and Medi-Cal.  BP3 also worked to develop relationships between Health Net and key, targeted school districts where the client was eager to discuss health coverage.​